Yellow Dextrin

Its application infoundry as a binder for coreshelps in increasing dry strength and as a binder for mould and core washes. It is made by dry roasting the starch in the presence of a catalyst. Soluble in cold water, this product is highly converted of the treated starches. This yellow dextrin has low viscosity and the solution is very sticky.

´╗┐Typical Analysis Description Yellow powder Particle Size To Pass 80Mesh (BS) Moisture Content Percent By Weight, Max 8% Cold Water Solubles, Percent By Weight 85 To 99% Free Acidity Maximum (Ml Of 0.1 NaOH For 100 Gms.) : 80 80% Ash Content, Percent By Weight, Maximum 1% Reducing Sugar As Dextrose Percent By Weight Maximum 5%