Yellow Dextrin

Its application infoundry as a binder for coreshelps in increasing dry strength and as a binder for mould and core washes. It is made by dry roasting the starch in the presence of a catalyst. Soluble in cold water, this product is highly converted of the treated starches. This yellow dextrin has low viscosity and the solution is very sticky.
Typical Analysis

Description Yellow powder
Particle Size To Pass 80Mesh (BS)
Moisture Content Percent By Weight, Max 8%
Cold Water Solubles, Percent By Weight 85 To 99%
Free Acidity Maximum (Ml Of 0.1 NaOH For 100 Gms.) : 80 80%
Ash Content, Percent By Weight, Maximum 1%
Reducing Sugar As Dextrose Percent By Weight Maximum 5%