About Us

What we are

LR Industries, located in the fast growing and prosperous city Jodhpur in the western region of India, the city have latest infrastructural facilities, airport, dry ports, transportation and many other amenities that necessitate for any growing industry. The company has tied up with major quality Guar growers all over the India, the largest grower of Guar crop in the world. The processing plant is located nearby the region produces mass quality Guar crop; the advantage factor of easily availability of quality and quantity of raw materials. Before packaging and distributing, the raw material is inspected by Quality Assurance team after properly graded and processed.
More than 52 years the growth of Company is increasing swiftly as a leading guar gum processor in India since 1968. Maintaining international standards of its product quality the company has made reputable position in market. Professionally managed with qualified scientific analysts working in all divisions, the company’s Food Grade Gums, Textile Gums, have acquired a clear advantage over the competition by sheer excellence of product quality, appropriateness, chemical constituency, and reliable supplies


The Company maintains Quality Assurance department .The scientific testing of random samples is being carried out at every intermediate stage of processing. Only after getting approval from Quality Assurance department the intermediate products are used for further processing and final packaging. For processing, the material is selected on the principle of first in, first out [FIFO].

R & D

Batch-wise inspection for correctness of quality of international standards, including careful attention in formulation and product innovation, form an important phase of our R & D exercise. Our fully equipped R & D department analyses technical data, develop product samples, and facilitates demonstration of product application etc. Printing with dyes in various categories of thickeners on different fabrics is done as an important part of our R & D procedures.