Printing Gum AGBV

1. Free flowing powder, which does not deteriorate on proper storage.

2. Suitable for printing any  fabrics on any mode of printing or any type of machines of dispers dyes on.

3.  Quick and easy preparations of paste in hot water

4.  To achieve better colour yield with brighter, fuller and crisper prints.

5.  Lower coast of thickening pastes.

6.  Easy wash ability during final washing process.

7.  Very excellent Quality standard


Constitution Mannogalactan/Guar Gum
Appearance Lemon Yellow
Paste Appearance Lemon Yellow
Ionic Characteristics Anionic
Preservation Eco friendly preservation


% Of  Concentration @ 8 %
PH ~ 9.0 to 10.0
Moisture 10%
Ash Content               18 to 20 %
IR      0.02%
Filtration 300 mesh 99% passing
Viscosity of Paste (Spindle No.6 @ 20 RPM)ByBrooockfield RVT j Viscomiter at 25 C 70,000 to 76,000

L.R Industries also manufactures custom made Printing Thickeners as per specific requirement of the customers