White Dextrin

We manufacture and offer White Dextrins. A soluble gummy carbohydrate, it is derived from starch.

White Dextrin is used in the Textile with Starch during sizing of yarn or cloth provides increased adhesivness, reducing cost of sizing and gives a superior feel to the cloth. White dextrins do not react to chemicals and are suitable for their applications in textile industry. White dextrin is soluble in cold water. ADESHWAR brand white dextrin are very useful in textile printing as a thickening agent. It is free from impurities and gives better penetration in the yarn in sizing of yarn and finishing of cloth. Typical Analysis Description White or cremish white powder Particle Size To Pass 80 Mesh (BS) Moisture Content Percent By Weight, Max 10 % Cold Water Solubles, Percent By Weight 45 To 55% Free Acidity Maximum (Ml Of 0.1 NaOH For 100 Gms.) : 50 80% Ash Content, Percent By Weight, Maximum 1% Reducing Sugar As Dextrose Percent By Weight Maximum 7%