Textile Grade Gum Powder

We are pioneers and five decades old manufacturers of Quality Textile Printing Gums. We are leading manufacturers of textile/fabric printing grade Guar Gum Powder and are supplying this to various industries in India with strong marketing base and quality products. We built our reputation as a quality products supplier and have wide range to offer for this specific applications. Our Brand of Allarco Gums are quickly gained confidence of appreciative domestic and international users for the last few decades. Our products give:-

1-Rapid viscosity.

2-High colour yield.

3-Sharp and level prints.

4-Chocking free screens.

5-Viscosity stability under shear conditions.

6-Better penetration in prints.

7-Good wash off properties.

8-Yellow Guar Gum Powder / TX

9-Sesbania Gum Powder / Dencha Powder

10-Depolymerized GUM POWDER

11-Printing Gum AGBV

12-Cationic GUM POWDER

12-Paper Guar Gum Powder

13-Jute Printing Gum

14-CMTKP / Carboxymethyl Tamrind Kernel Power